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2019 Global Mother to Child Conference
Jul. 21, 2019
2018 Global Mother to Child Conference
Jul. 22, 2018
2017 Global Mother to Child Conference
Jul. 17, 2017


14.65 Million Chinese Were Born in 2019, And 59.5% Were Second Child.

The number of people born in 2019 was 14.65 million,.

Consumption Recovery Injects New Vitality into China's Economy.

As people's life gradually returns to normal, consumer-driven domestic demand is now recovering in China, which has injected optimism into the wider global market.

Chinese Consumers Are Rethinking How They Eat Post Covid-19.

In an exclusive Nielsen study of 11 Asian markets, along with the general trend in Asia, the vast majority of Chinese consumers responded that they are likely to change their eating habits as a result of the global pandemic.

The Rising of Single Economy Spurs New Consumption.

As China's consumption market continues to diversify, how to capture the emerging consumer groups and better grasp the future growth momentum of consumption has become a primary problem faced by brands and retailers. Nielsen released report on the Rising of China Single Economy. The report finds that as the number of single people continues to grow, their consumption power cannot be underestimated, which spurs new consumption.

Who Ranks The First In The Chinese Diaper Market? Pampers, Kao, Or HUGGIES?.

After years of development in the Chinese market, foreign brands have been in the leading position in terms of production system and strength. There are three top foreign brands to dominate the Chinese market, including Pampers, Kao, and HUGGIES. Then, who is the number one in the diaper market?

Consumption Status and Development Trend of Chinese Children's Clothing Market.

The consumption of children's clothing has been upgraded, children's activities have become more diverse, and more market segments have been developed, such as crawling clothes and smart clothes.

Organic Milk Powder Is Becoming More Popular Among Chinese Consumers.

Consumers' demand for quality is driving China's milk powder to explore a high-end market (retail prices above 330 yuan/kg), which is segmented and professional.

Asia-Pacific Baby Infant Formula Market to reach $26.8 billion, by 2026, Says Allied Market Research.

Innovative packaging to influence buying behavior, rise in disposable income, and increase in awareness toward adequate nutrition have driven the growth of the Asia-Pacific baby infant formula market.

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